Stepper Motor Xc5 168

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PDF file Buyer's Guide
The is the new generation of switec’s M-S Motor which is fully compatible with the, generations. Rear Rear yes standard X25.168 Dom Rear Rear no Analogue Car Clock Miniature Stepper Motor … Retrieve Here

PDF file New Generation Of motors
Switec XB5. xxx / XC5. xxx Stepper Motors The New Stepper Motor Generation from the World Leader X15.156 XC5.156 Rear no no no standard X15.166 XC5.166 Rear no yes no standard X15.158 XC5.158 Rear Rear no no standard X15.168 XC5.168 Rear Rear yes no … Content Retrieval

Excel file
XC5 központi egységek 8 DC bemenet XC3-E8YR 8 relés kimenet XC3-E8YT 8 tranzisztoros kimenet Léptetőmotorok /Stepper motor/ Nyomaték Torque Nm Hossz Length mm … Visit Document

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