Sanyo Denki Stepper Motor 103h5208

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Photos of Sanyo Denki Stepper Motor 103h5208

2-phase and 5-phase motors 3 2H4233B05 2H4238B17 2H4241B05 2H4241U12 2H4248U12 2H5654U10 2H5654U20 2H5654B20 2H5676B20 2H6086U20 2H6086B40 5H6086P15 103H5205 103H5208 11 Dimensions and Connection Diagram DIAGRAM B1 – MOTOR 2H5654U10 DIAGRAM B2 – MOTOR 2H5654U10 – 2H5654U20 DIAGRAM B3 – MOTOR 2H5654U10 – 2H5654U20 … Document Viewer

Pictures of Sanyo Denki Stepper Motor 103h5208

Internal photo coupler off↑on⋯Alarm clear During motor operation BUSY 10 The operation status of the motor is output. Internal photo coupler on⋯During motor operation Internal photo coupler off⋯During motor stop During program execution PEND 10 The execution status of the program is output. … Visit Document

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