Stepper Motor 8255

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YouTube Camera Panning Using Floppy Drive Stepper – YouTube
I have connected a floppy drive to my computer's parallel port and I'm controllng its stepper motor with a program, I wrote. The stepper motor moves a camera which is attached … View Video

PowerPoint file Loop, Jmp, And Branch
Bit set/reset command) ; D6D5=00 A and C7-C4 are Mode 0 (Group A) ; D4=0 A is Level Sensitive Output ; D3=0 C7-C4 are Level Sensitive Output ; D2=0 B and C3-C0 are Mode 0 (Group B) ; D1=1 B is Level Sensitive Input ; D0=0 C3-C0 are Level Sensitive Output 8255 Connection to Stepper Motor HW … Document Viewer

PDF file D/A And A/D Converters 8255 I/O Applications (Spring 2007-08 …
8255A Stepper Motor ULN2003 Pin-8 GND Pin-9 +5V In the program code, the steps of rotation can stay in an integer variable, End the assembler code a) Design the IO address decoder for 8255,b) Write the assembler source for the described algorithm. … Doc Retrieval

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Interface the stepper motor with 8255 and write an ALP to rotate the stepper motor continuously in clock wise direction. … Retrieve Doc

Word file Dr
Write ALP to generate triangular waveform of frequency 500 HZ using DAC 0800 with 8255 & 8086 microprocessor 4 Design stepper motor controller and write an ALP to rotate shaft stepper motor in 1. … Access Content

PowerPoint file Light Sensor Curtains
Parts Stepper Motor & Driver DC Stepper motor 180 ohm resistor 1 K ohm resistor 1 M ohm resistor 1 M potentiometer 1000 uF capacitor 0 only available with kits Questions Overview Design Parts Program Power source Assembly Light detector ADC Computer 8255 Stepper Motor … Doc Retrieval

PowerPoint file Assembly Language
Stepper Motor Types. Variable Reluctance. Permanent Magnet. A “high” on this output indicates that the data has been loaded into the input latch; in essence, an acknowledgement from the 8255 to the … View Document

Stepper Motor Cards – Switch Cards – LED Indicator Cards – And much more… Don’t forget to write the configuration word to the 8255 and set port A as an input. … Retrieve Document

8085 microprocessor such as PIO 8155 and 8255 and data converters are covered in this subject The knowledge of interfacing of peripherals will help the students in acquiring the design skills and for applications like stepper motor control and temperature control systems. … Read Full Source

YouTube Mini CNC X/Y Table From CD Drives 1 – YouTube
Older cdroms was with stepper motors, in modern is used dc. I have one with stepper motor like in floppy drive … View Video

PDF file Albert Ng EE/CS 51 The System Allows A User To Control A …
One stepper motor is used to rotate the laser turret. The stepper motor driver is connected to port C of an 8255. The motor is configured as a unipolar drive and as such has four bits controlling … Fetch This Document

PDF file Laboratory Manu
Stepper motor interface with 8255. 8. Study of 8253. 9. Study of 8279 . 10. Study of 8257. 11. Study of 8259. III. Quiz on the subject. IV. Conduction Viva­Voce Examination. … Retrieve Content

•••••Dual Stepper motor interface card with one stepper motor and necessary power supply. •••••Key board scanner study card with 3×4 Matrix. •••••Logic control study card using 8255. … Retrieve Doc

Understanding of 8255 and application 9. Application of ADC with 8255 10. Application of DAC with 8255 11. Application of stepper motor with 8255 LV-100 LV-100 … Read Full Source

PDF file Syllabus / Structure [Revised From June-2009] (T.E …
Stepper motor interface. 7. ADC interface. 8. DAC interface. 9. Centronics Printer interface mode-I (8255). 8279 Based Experiments: (Minimum Two) 1. … Document Retrieval

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