Stepper Motor J15

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PDF file SPiiPlus Motion Control Modules
SPiiPlus Motion Control Modules Supported Motors: AC Servo/DC Brushless DC Brush P/D Stepper SPiiPlus Control Module Enc. (J16) COM-1 (J7) Digital I/O & Analog Outputs (J9) X Enc.+Hall (J11) A Enc.+Hall (J13) Y Enc.+Hall (J15) R (U) S (V) T (W) PE BRK+ BRK-X Motor Output (J20) A Motor Output (J21) Y Motor Output (J22 … Retrieve Content

PDF file AN-574 APPLICATION NOTE – A Tamper-Resistant Watt-Hour Energy …
J15 J11 J12 J13 J14 C8 100nF 0R 0R JUMPERS USE 0 RESISTORS G0 = 1 G1 = 1 the stepper motor which has a coil impedance of about 400 Ω. This is clearly seen by looking at V1 (voltage on … Access Doc

PDF file A Tamper-Resistant Watt-Hour Energy Meter Based On The AD7751 …
J15 R28 10k C13 100nF C14 10 F 6.3V R31 20 R30 820R29 82033nF Y1 C9 22pF 3.579545MHz C8 100nF the stepper motor which has a coil impedance of about 400Ω. This is clearly seen by looking at V1 (voltage on … View This Document

PDF file Title: WIRO Prime With Cabling To 8-Axis Controller
OUT-+ 2^3 U? 90 feet to 8-Axis Controller box for Motor #1 Stepper Driver From IMS 483 for Motor #2 Stepper Driver From IMS 483 90 feet to 8-Axis Controller box for Phase B* (Floating Shield) NC (Floating Shield) NC 24 Ret A9, A13, C11 A11, A15, C13 A5, B2, C7 A7, B4, C9 B12, B8 L11, F6 J13, K10, L13 J15, K12 … Access Doc

PDF file SYSTEM 3+ C R H Electronics Design
The stepper motor output connector needs to be orientated correctly so that the terminals plugs in and away from the edge of the board, check this before (supplied with matching 4 way right angle terminal connectors) J14, J15 TERM2 5mm … View Doc

PDF file SPiiPLUS CM Revision B
Table 28 J11, J13 and J15 – Incremental Digital Encoder + Hall Pinout. . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 to the control module from a HSSI-ED2 dist ribution module or a HSSI-SA-1 drive (like B,C axes), or • Connected directly to a stepper motor drive. … Access Document

PDF file Technical Information On STXM V
When a stepper motor is the fast axis source, the motor step pulses are used as the master clock pulse. appropriate motor pulse input as the master clock The ICLK1 input is on connector J7 pin 46, and ICLK2 is on connector J15 pin 46. … View Document

PDF file Optima
Of known positions by a stepper motor, so that they constitute optical scanners. Motor J6 Inside Scanner Motor J16 Rear CCD J15 Outside CCD J13 Motor Power J10 Rear Encoder … Doc Viewer

PDF file CDB5466U Evaluation Board
Low-frequency energy outputs, E1 and E2 supply average active power and can be used to drive a stepper motor or a mechanical counter; the high-frequency VD+_EXT +5V J9 +3.3V VD+ Vu+_EXT +5V VD+ 8051_REGIN JP1 GND JP2 GND TP1 TP2 TP4 TP5 TP3 TP6 J10 1 J13 1 J15 1 J16 1 LED_EN LED_EN LED_EN LED_EN E1 E2 FOUT NEG J11 E1 E2 FOUT NEG RESET … Retrieve Full Source

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