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530.421 Mechatronics Lecture 5
Project materials available in lab Motors Pittmans (DC brushed, geared with encoder) Maxons (DC brushed, not geared) Stepper motors (same ones you used in RS&A) Servo motors (see syllabus web page for spec sheet and sample Basic Stamp code) … Return Document

Microcontrollers, Basic Stamps & Interface For Package …
BASIC Stamp Modules • 183071: BS2 OEM Kit Z Complete specifications 146472: PIC-SERVO Motion Control Chipset for DC Motors 141532 EDE1200R DIP-18 Unipolar stepper motor controller .. 6.39 6.15 5.95 … Fetch Full Source

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Keeping In Step
A computer is better suited to high-level processing and, besides drawi ng a tremendous amount of power, makes for a very expensive replacement for a microcontroller, such as a BASIC Stamp or a PIC, which is better suited for this task. Stepper motors are great devices in some situations and should-n't … Read Document

BSCB-1 BASIC STAMP CARRIER BOARD Technical Manual Document Revision: 1.04 Date: 3 August 2003 BiPOM Electronics, Inc. 16301 Blue Ridge Road, Missouri terminal blocks X10-1 MOTOR-1 Connects BSCB-1 to standard X10 devices through the TW523 Power line interface Peripheral board to drive unipolar stepper motors. … Fetch Here

Robot Arm – YouTube
Check out my robot arm!!! It is made using stepper motors and runs with Visual basic. … View Video

The Mechatronics Sorter
The microcontroller used for this application is the Parallax BASIC Stamp. Schematic depictions of two types of stepper motors. Understanding the Stepper Motor Understanding the Stepper Motor … Return Document

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Electronic Control Systems
Copy the table into your workbook An X-Y plotter movement is controlled by stepper motors. Write a P-Basic program that will rotate the one stepper motor 20 steps in one direction then 20 steps in the opposite direction. Your teacher will show you how to connect the stepper motor to the stamp. … View Doc

A Few Words About Motors DRIVING STEPPER MOTORS WITH THE L293D Stepper motors are great to use in robotics. on the 68HC12, but I have successfully resisted all attempts to belured to the dark side of the force and will continue to use the BS-2 (Basic Stamp … Retrieve Here

Professional Development Board (#28138)
High-voltage common for devices like stepper motors that are controlled via the L293D push-pull driver. CAUTION: Do not connect any VIN terminal directly to any pin of the BASIC Stamp, Javelin … Retrieve Content

Super Stepper Architecture
Super Stepper is a serial command protocol capable of controlling not only stepper motors but DC motors, RC servo motors, inductive loads such as lamps, solenoids and relays and much more. PC computer COMM ports, Single Board Computer (SBC) UARTS, microcontroller UARTS or BASIC Stamp modules contain all … Access Doc

BS2 E Parallax
BASIC STAMP DISCOVERY KIT – SERIAL (WITH USB ADAPTER AND CABLE) Our most popular BASIC your projects, build a simple light-controlled Theremin, control servos and stepper motors, measure temperature, voltage, and so much more! When you are finished, you will be able to write your own BASIC Stamp … Get Doc

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And Resin Application) Electrical/Electronic Design Key Hardware Stepper motors Servomotors (continuous and standard) Linear Actuator Pressure sensor Stepper motor Mosfets IRF510 6 25.9 2 Standard servo 5 64.75 5 Continuous servo 4 21.9 2 Stepper motor 3 70 1 Linear actuator 2 99.95 1 Basic stamp BOE … Get Document

1-Wire – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
MicroLans also interface to microcontrollers, such as the Arduino, Parallax BASIC Stamp, Parallax Propeller, PICAXE, the Microchip PIC family and RENESAS family. … Read Article

Images of Stepper Motors With Basic Stamp

Chase The Stars With A Camera
Hurst geared stepper motors and a circuit board as part no. SM, listed in the Parallax BASIC Stamp BS-1 microcontroller (part no. BS1-IC) generated the steppermotor pulses and a ULN2803 Darlington-array drove the steppermotor … Access Content Propeller
For video, mice, keyboards, RF, LCDs, stepper motors and sensors your be used on our SX Microcontroller and BASIC Stamp (with appropriate serial encoder chip). … Fetch Content

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